Monday, February 2, 2009

Social Context ( textbook journal #2)

"Diversity focus on the differences that makes a person distinct and unique from another person" (Doman Lum p44)

The first time I heard the word diversity I thought it meant "color of your skin" or "your background" and "ethnicity." After reading Chapter 2, "Social Context", I started to understand diversity--that it not only meant ethnicity but ones beliefs, family culture, and so on. It is “what set you apart." When it comes to my background, I have little knowledge of my family history. The only knowledge I have of my family history is that I could be French because of my mother’s last name, “Moultrie.” I could also be British because of my father’s last name is “Braggs.” My dad is racially mixed but I am not certain what particular race. I remember my grandma talking about her African ancestors. I want to know more but that is all I know. I remember in middle school we had a culture project. I could hear the students talking in excitement about what they would bring. I felt left out, I did not know anything about my culture. All I knew was that I was black and because of my dad’s side of the family there is a little white blood in me. I thought about the questionnaire on page 46 Understanding Your Diversity Question: "describe yourself from a diversity and world view perspective (values, beliefs and culture).” What I came up with was that I am an African American women, I value my family, life and God. I do hope one day to have more understanding about diversity and hope to look deeper into my ancestry and where my ancestors came from.

Myths of African American Women:

I have heard a wide range of stereotypes about black women, both good and bad. Some say black women are "strong, hard-working, loud, negligent and the list goes on. I guess people get their thoughts about the women of color based of the media and not excluding family and friends. I know various movies that poke fun at African American women, showing them as loud, independent and always rolling their heads with their hands on their hips and always having a bad attitude. It saddens my heart that people look at what the television show say and assume that is how black women behave. I think many times people forget that it is only entertainment. Every Black woman has her individuality that sets her apart. There are some women that are more outgoing than others but that is what sets them apart.

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