Saturday, February 28, 2009

Personal Journal #5

Question: You woke up tomorrow only to find out your race had "changed." How would your life would be different if you looked like someone of a different race?

I would have more privileges if my race changed. I will be able to walk in a store and not be followed and viewed as someone of a higher class. I would have gone to the best University and graduated with a 4.0. I would be the first choice in getting hired compared to another women of a different race. I would have a career that pays a good amount of money, some might me rich. If I wanted to buy a car or a house I might have better credit and because of my changed race I would be the first choice in getting a house. Also I would be able to afford to buy a house and a car. I would no longer have to worry about catching a bus or walking because I have money in my bank account. I would live in a safe neighborhood in a three story house with a husband and two children. I would not have to worry about the rent because my husband and I would be able to pay the rent on time. I could quit my job and would not worry about the next bill because my husband has the funds to provide for the family. I would even be able to afford an excises expert and not even think about the cost. I think I might have a nanny for each child, maid and a cook. I could call up someone to deliver the groceries for me if I wanted to. I would be able to put my kids in the best schools and know that they are having the best education than any other school. My family and I would be able to vacations every month overseas and still have money to go somewhere else. I might even have my own personal plane that could fly my family and I where ever we wanted to go. As women of a different race I would be very privilege in life, I would no longer have to worry about not having money and where the next pay check is coming.

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  1. Hello Asia,
    Your journal has been received and 2 points has been credited to your grade.