Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where did the time go?

I haven't been here for awhile. I was getting my Bachelors in Social Work when I made my last post. Now I am living in Philadelphia with my Masters in Social Work. Currently, I am working toward being a LSW and looking for a job. I have had a lot experience and opportunities to grow as a social worker. Being in Philly, has given me the opportunity to work with urban youth and families. The experience has been rewarding and challenging. I saw rewarding because I can make a difference and challenging because being in a urban area is not what I am use to. Though, I am in a different area then what I am use to, I love being here. I love helping people with different backgrounds.

At this point in my life things are great and challenging. Philly have been my home for a year and as I said before, I love it here. I have a church and help with watching toddlers every third and fifth Sunday. I have my own place and plus being in a city, I don't have to travel far for food and for laundry. I am looking forward to whatever is next. I have been turned down my many jobs and recently received some calls and email request for an interview. Both positions sound amazing and I am excited where I will end up.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hunger & Poverty In America

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All Social Work Classes......Panic Attack?

I was suppose to write this post for Monday but I was too tried to write. Monday was my first day in my Social Work  Seminar class. After being in that class, I am really nervous because it seems like so much work in so little time. I am going to have to be very organize this semester because I do not want to be behind or staying up late trying to finish my  assignment. I want to be ahead of all my classes and get all A's. I want to make sure that my GPA stay above a 3.0.

I think this semester will be very intense and busy for me. This week I will be getting organized for all my classes with my calendar. I just pray and hope that I will go beyond what I thought I could do despite all I will be doing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Visits? Not sure....

In the summer of 2010, I had an internship at Child Abuse Prevention Center. The agency did a lot of home visits. I went on a couple of home visits and they were okay. One day, in our weekly meeting, a social worker asked me "how I feel about going on home visits?" I personally don't know if I want to be a social worker that goes on home visits. I feel as if I am invading someones territory (their home), thoughts of it not being safe comes to mind, and feelings of nervousness. Visiting a client  in their home is completely out of my comfort zone.

Recently, in New York, a client stabbed their social worker when she was doing her home visit. It seemed that things got out of hand and an argument occurred. I pray that the social worker gets better. This story makes me even more not to go on home visits. But, I know that in the social work profession that I will be put in moments that are out of my comfort zone and I must overcome my fears. I think it will take time for me to have my mind changed about doing home visits.

Question for the social workers, what could be advantages of home visits?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grad School Choice Num. 4

My 4th choice would be Georgia State University. While doing my research, the graduate program learns about issues facing urban communities. They focus are is on health care, child welfare, and non-profit manangement. If I choose this school I would proably go into the non-profit managment. When I did my internship at Child Abuse Prevention Center, I saw all that went on in a non-profit agency. I think it would be great to me able know more about non-profit agenices as they help their communities.

Friday, January 21, 2011

First Day Back at Internship

I started on Thursday and it was great. I got back to flow of things for example,  calling parents, answering phones and talking to my supervisor about goals I hope to accomplish this Spring semester while at internship. I will have the opportunity to hold a group session with parents. I'm not sure what topic I will focus on but I was thinking about "handling temper tantrums from the children" or "teaching children with everyday surroundings." I am still looking for possible topics that will help the client group of people I work with. I came up with goals I hope to accomplish. I wanted to know and understand the government assistance programs for example, TANF and Food Stamps. I want to become more aware of CPS and Immigration laws. I also want to work my communication skills as I talk to parents of children attending the agency.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Day of Classes

This semester I have all social work classes. Today I had Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities. The focus of this class is gaining the skills and knowledge of working with communities and organizations. On the first day of class, we had a short quiz about the definition of generalist social work practice, list the seven plan change process and list the six values. One thing I learn is the importance remembering all I have learned from all my classes.  In this class each student will have an chapter to present the class and teach the class. This class seems interesting and I am excited about what I will learn about communities and organizations. At my internship, I will be also learning all the goes into helping communities in particular the parents of the children that attend the Head Start. I can't wait til the classes that will come ahead.