Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where did the time go?

I haven't been here for awhile. I was getting my Bachelors in Social Work when I made my last post. Now I am living in Philadelphia with my Masters in Social Work. Currently, I am working toward being a LSW and looking for a job. I have had a lot experience and opportunities to grow as a social worker. Being in Philly, has given me the opportunity to work with urban youth and families. The experience has been rewarding and challenging. I saw rewarding because I can make a difference and challenging because being in a urban area is not what I am use to. Though, I am in a different area then what I am use to, I love being here. I love helping people with different backgrounds.

At this point in my life things are great and challenging. Philly have been my home for a year and as I said before, I love it here. I have a church and help with watching toddlers every third and fifth Sunday. I have my own place and plus being in a city, I don't have to travel far for food and for laundry. I am looking forward to whatever is next. I have been turned down my many jobs and recently received some calls and email request for an interview. Both positions sound amazing and I am excited where I will end up.