Friday, March 13, 2009

Fresh Lipstick: Rethinking Images of Women in Advertising #7

As I was reading this article I could stop thinking about the statement "a woman is often measured by the things she cannot control." At first I did not know what to think of this quote but after thinking about it, it is ashamed that a woman is measured by her body. The curve she has or does not have shapes who she is. I am not going to lie I use to struggle with my image. I did not understand why I was shaped the way I was and I just did not like who I was. I wanted to change. I use to pray to God that He would change my image. If I was not tall, if I was too quiet, if I was not aggressive, than because of that I was not the ideal girl. I was told that I was ugly and because of that I had set in my mind and my heart that I was ugly and I was not of any worth. Every magazine had tall women that were skinny, with blue eyes, and blonde hair. I always wonder how some women in the magazines had flawless bodies. These images that I saw when I was younger, made me think that there was something wrong with me. I felt so inadequate. Now that I am older and I know who I am in Christ, I don't let what others say, shape who I am. I feel so sorry, for the younger generations because many of them think being skinny is how they are suppose to be or perfect body. Some many ladies are dying of anorexia or over eating because they are not satisfied with their image. There are even websites that are promoting anorexia and that scares me because they don't know who they are. They are women of worth, no matter how they are shape. I don't understand how the media can give images what they think are the "perfect" body. Who gives them the right to portray what they think is the “perfect” body. I do see that today's media give a variety of images of body shapes and I think that is wonderful. I just hope people will choose to live healthy. A person who is skinny is not necessary healthy. No matter if a person has curves or no curves should not shape who they are. True beauty is inside.

Personal Journal #7

What is your reaction to the questions in the Ambivalent SexismInventory?What is your response to your results you received from the AmbivalentSexism Inventory?

I thought some of the questions were not clear. I felt that some of the questions could relate to any situation. Maybe I miss understood the question about a men being incomplete. I have a understanding that sometimes a men need a woman. Maybe I am wrong for believing that a man is incomplete without a woman. I have always seen a woman to be beside her man taking care of him. My results said that I was a "Hostile Sexism," which means that I have negative feeling toward women. I disagree with this result. I love being a woman and I love the women around me as my sisters. I love my role as a woman and one day as a wife and mother. Also I was label as a "Benevolent Sexism" in which I have a knight-in-shining armor ideology that offers protection toward women. I guess I agree with this statement because I believe that women should be protected and treated with respect by men. Some of my views of womanhood is traditional. I believe that a wife should be submission to her husband, a woman that does speak her mind but with respect.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

(textbook journal #6 Ch.13)

When I think o f women of color, I think of someone who is strong and very hard-working. I also think of all the issues that women of color face. I know that we (I am a woman of color) face disease, lack of education, unemployment issues. I find it amazing that African-American women are twice as likely to have diabetes. At least one out of three African American women will suffer from high blood pressure. It also saddens my heart to know that HIV/AIDS are higher among African-American women. When I read statics like these, I really don't know what to think of them or how I should act. I wonder why we, black women suffer from these diseases? I think that it is important to take care of our bodies and get frequent check ups. I wonder if getting the monthly check up among us black women is a problem? Is is because they don't have the money for hospital bills. Or is it because we are black and for that reason we are more likely to be diagnosed with these diseases? These issues are very haunting to me. What should I think when I read that in 2004 poverty among African-American was 24.7 percent. I know in my family education is very important, I have seen in my family suffering to pay for bills. I have come to believe that working hard is very important in this world. When I first read that the "images of a Black women contrasted against images of "legitimate" rape victim have contributed to the discrediting Black women's allegations of rape" I was shocked (372). I thought I miss read this but I have heard many stories that make this statement true. I can't believe and I don't think it is right that a White women rape may get more attention than that of a Black women rape. I have always hear on news how that the rape of a white get the news attention more than a Black women. I will never understand this, is there something in a Black women that is of less value to people? No one should be treated better than another race.

Personal Journal #6

Base on the film: Who has had opportunities in my environment and who hasn't? What can I influence? How am I making a more equitable environment?

My community is mostly made op of African-Americans, Latinos and Caucasians. There are different opportunities that are among the different races in my community. In my school for education, there seems to be an equality of opportunities among all races. There are many programs in my town that help the Spanish speaking students with their studies. There is a separate room, for those who are Spanish speaking so can get extra help. All the students in my school have learning programs that help students in area of reading, preparing for test and other areas of help that is needed. I would say that mostly Caucasians have the most opportunities in my environment. I have have seen many times that Caucasians have more opportunities because of their wealth and treated better than those of color. It is easier for them to get in college, and because they take AP classes it will look good on their college application. In my school, there are some teachers that suggest that Caucasians take the AP classes white and while for students of color are less likly to suggest to take AP classes. For the Latinos they might not know English very well and in some cases they are treated badly. I remember, a Caucasian male, yelling at a Latino woman because she did not speak English. For Blacks, there might befew of opportunities because their families have less money but there are many services that are for Blacks that help them get the help that is needed. In my community I hear that Blacks are more likely to be treated badly. I see them pulled over more and likely to get shot by police. I am not really sure how I can influence this issuse when it seems that some have will have more opportunities than others. Many people are born into rich families and because of that they will have more opportunities than someone who was not born in a wealthy family. I have dreams of changing things and making these issues known among my community. When I think of it, I don't know what I could do. I guess I can encourage people and tell people the importance of getting an education so they will have the opportunities they did not have before. To answer the question "how am I a more equitable environment?" I would say that I am doing nothing right now because I really don't know how. What can I do? I want to know but I don't know what I can do.