Friday, February 13, 2009

Advancing Social and Economic Justice (txbook journal #3)

I have always heard about the challenges that social workers face. With all the stories I’ve heard I am saddened by the injustice and the oppression some people go through. I know that in this career I will have to challenge social injustice. I hope that as I continue in my major and career as a social work that I will be able to recognize the problems and learn to understand and eliminate them. I always wonder if I will have the ability to help those who have needs. I have a fear that I want be able to. I wonder what mistakes I will make as a social work. I know that there are lives put in my hands and I will have to stand up for them as a social worker. There is a fear that when I do stand up for what is right, there will be conflicts among those around me. I like what what was said in chapter 3 "we need to acknowledge the courage it takes to be honest about this and the challenge each other to face." I need to realize that it not easy to speak up for what is right and it is okay to be challenge. In chapter 3, there are ways to overcome those fears in what is called the empowerment process. The first suggestion is to talk to those we are most comfortable with then we will have the ability to talk about the issues such as racism and prejudice to small groups and even in public meetings. I want to help people and I believe that I can combat this fear I will be able to more involved and more committed to getting issues across. Along with the process of the empowerment power also come with building relationships with other social workers who are racial different, have religious differences than mines. But I believe that I am ready to join in with people who will be working for social justice. Together with our differences we can achieve justice and help those in need.

With all the decisions that social workers are faced with there is values that “provided a road map” (101). The value of life, equality and justice is curial in dealing with human rights. The next is solidarity, in which the social workers identifies but take a stand with those who are in need. There needs to be a commitment in helping people. A social worker cannot be uninvolved but engaged with the people they are helping. In assisting the community of people, one must “learn, influenced and changed.” (103) I know that as I social worker I will have to work with people from all background and status in life. I need to be able to break free from fear and to be engaged in helping people.

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  1. Hello Asia

    An inspiring analysis of how our role as social workers can be part of the peace building process. Your text journal has been received and 2 points have been credited.