Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grad School Choice Num. 3

My third choice would be  Clark Atlanta University. I first must say, I'm not sure if I could see myself living in GA except for the "heat." I know it's probably not a good reason to move to another state. I really don't like the cold and New York is cold. But I do have family in GA and maybe moving there want be bad. I did look at there social work program and it seem to be okay. They offer Child and Family, which is an area of social work I want to go into. After reading there Program Goals, it seem to to be a possibility of a college to g to.

To be honest the only reason that would play into rather I apply to this school is because it is a "all Black school". I have never been to an all Black school in my time on this earth. I have always went to schools that were VERY diverse. Even the college I go to now is diverse and I love it that way. I just know that the world is diverse and I want to be around by all types of people not just whites or just blacks. But I do plan on visiting this school too when I visit my family in GA. I hope that I will enjoy my time there. Who knows maybe I would want to go there.


  1. There is much to say for diversity--for one thing it's better preparation for the "real" world I think. But there is also an advantage to being near family. I haven't been to Atlanta in many years (other than the airport), but I've heard the traffic is really bad, which may or may not affect you. I think in general the weather in Atlanta is pretty good--the hottest times would probably be July and August, when you might not be going to classes.
    Good luck in your decision.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Thanks for this...Yea I think diversity is what I rather be around.

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