Friday, March 13, 2009

Personal Journal #7

What is your reaction to the questions in the Ambivalent SexismInventory?What is your response to your results you received from the AmbivalentSexism Inventory?

I thought some of the questions were not clear. I felt that some of the questions could relate to any situation. Maybe I miss understood the question about a men being incomplete. I have a understanding that sometimes a men need a woman. Maybe I am wrong for believing that a man is incomplete without a woman. I have always seen a woman to be beside her man taking care of him. My results said that I was a "Hostile Sexism," which means that I have negative feeling toward women. I disagree with this result. I love being a woman and I love the women around me as my sisters. I love my role as a woman and one day as a wife and mother. Also I was label as a "Benevolent Sexism" in which I have a knight-in-shining armor ideology that offers protection toward women. I guess I agree with this statement because I believe that women should be protected and treated with respect by men. Some of my views of womanhood is traditional. I believe that a wife should be submission to her husband, a woman that does speak her mind but with respect.

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